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Stan Beraznik
29th Street Capital

Fund Manager


Experienced fund manager Stan Beraznik is managing partner and the founder of the privately held real estate investment firm 29th Street Capital. The firm, founded in 2009, has offices in San Francisco and Chicago. The firm has a hands-on, “boots-to-the-ground” mentality about its business that has garnered them success throughout the years in various real estate markets. 29th Street Capital is currently focusing its business on three asset classes within the United States’ real estate market.

Under Beraznik’s supervision and insight, 29th Street Capital has since its inception acquired over $500 million in multifamily properties and another $500 million in single-family properties. It has also acquired $50 million in nonperforming loans (specifically mortgage loans). Today, Beraznik continues to monitor a multitude of units, working alongside his fellow principals to determine which investments work best for their firm.

Prior, Beraznik worked with Citigroup and Goldman Sachs for 15 years, where he gained more experience in derivatives and wealth management. He also has experience in structuring and marketing over $10 billion of various derivatives for institutional clients (including currency, interest rate and equity derivatives). He has successfully managed wealth of over $1 billion for high net worth individuals, family offices and corporations.

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