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Lu Zhang
BPM (Burr Pilger Mayer)

Tax Advisor


Lu Zhang is an international tax director with BPM LLP (Burr Pilger Mayer), one of the largest accounting firms in California. Lu focuses on cross-border investments, merger and acquisitions, and multinational family/business tax planning.

Lu has 11 years of public accounting experience, specializing in international tax services. As a tax advisor working with outbound and inbound investors, she has experience in international tax planning, compliance, tax treaty analysis, cash repatriation, and foreign tax credit planning.

Lu’s career also includes a recent secondment (temporary assignment) to Shanghai, where she gained working knowledge on Asia-Pacific focused supply chain planning and procurement design, intellectual property (IP) tax planning, and cross-border restructuring. She also advised China-based companies making domestic and overseas acquisitions and dispositions.

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Articles Written

  • Investing in a real estate market in another country can be challenging. However, with the strength of the U.S. economy, the devaluation of the yuan and a relatively low interest rate in the United States, Chinese investment in the U.S. real estate market has been growing despite China's economic slowdown and increased foreign exchange controls.

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