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    Single family real estate is property that consists of only one unit, and thus will only have one family living in it. Single family real estate includes structures such as detached houses, condos, townhouses, cottages and cabins. In contrast, multi-family real estate is property that has more than one unit, and thus more than one family living on the premises. An apartment building with 40 units, for example, would fall under the category of multi-family real estate.

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    A REIT refers to a Real Estate Investment Trust, which is a type of security. The REIT is basically an investment vehicle that owns real estate that produces income. Such real estate is also known as commercial real estate and might include, for example, hotels, offices, or warehouses. A REIT is not like a traditional real estate company: it does not develop properties with the goal of reselling them. Instead, a REIT purchases and develops real estate properties in order to run them as a part of its investment portfolio.