About our Conferences

The China Investor conferences and seminars are conducted in China on a regular basis. These investment conferences serve as an invaluable source of information for those who are involved in investment in the United States.

The China Investor  hosts industry conferences annually in Shanghai and Beijing. These conferences feature professional speakers who discuss a wide-range of technical knowledge aimed to educate beginner- and advanced-level industry participants. At each event, experienced panelists share their expertise in corporate and securities law, cross border transactions, joint ventures, accounting, taxation, real estate development, and various other aspects concerning private equity.

Attendees of the The China Investor conferences include project developers, veteran attorneys, as well as fund and wealth managers. Ultimately, both the domestic and international conferences are intended to act as a forum for our community to learn, discuss, and further circulate information.

The China Investor events and conferences are open to the general public and may include people residing in the United States or foreign countries who may be interested in U.S. investment opportunities. Attendees, exhibitors and speakers at our events and conferences should consult with their own legal counsel regarding compliance with securities laws for any ongoing or planned securities offerings. 

The China Investor provides no legal advice concerning compliance with securities laws by attendees, exhibitors and speakers at its conferences and events.

The China Investor: Capital Matchmakers, Educators, & Facilitators