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The China Investor gathers a select group of Chinese funds seeking investment opportunities and U.S. companies seeking capital – all with first-class planning and execution. The events are a valuable meeting place for deal makers and professionals involved in outbound Chinese investment.

SCOTT BARRACK, Colony NorthStar Ltd

The China Investor team's core competency is networking with key real estate professionals and bridging them to active institutional Chinese investors via their event platform. I've made valuable relationships from these events that have materialized into capital partners, and look forward to future opportunities created by The China Investor team.

Paul Fuhrman, Miramar Capital

The China Investor

The China Investor is an industry-leading publication providing readers with information about global investments via peer-reviewed articles, exclusive interviews, event coverage and industry news. The China Investor will be distributed biannually to a curated audience of subscribers that includes fund managers, institutional investors, wealth management firms, and family offices across China, along with industry-wide stakeholders such as attorneys, brokers, developers and consultants.

Our biannual publication on all things investment

The China Investor is the industry-leading resource for peer-reviewed investment articles. Each issue is grounded in au courant, objective analysis of Chinese investment developments. Subscribe to receive this complimentary publication.

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The China Investor: Capital Matchmakers, Educators, & Facilitators

​​​The China Investor is a community that connects its members to information and people. We have created this platform to facilitate a growing need among Chinese institutional investors for information on global investments.

This website features practical and easy-to-read articles on real estate investments, public vs. private investments, venture capital, portfolio and currency diversification, China transfer restrictions, REITs, and many other topics.


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The China Investor makes it easy to get quick answers to your questions. Whether you're looking for U.S. investment opportunities or seeking legislation & compliance advice for your investment, our platform makes getting the answers you need as simple as possible. The China Investor's questions and answers are completely free, anonymous, and the answers will be emailed straight to your inbox.

In addition to answering your questions, The China Investor offers a cost-free assessment of your eligibility to participate in oversea investment, as well as providing a list of industry professionals. Please use our free assessment form to request a cost-free evaluation. All you need to do is input basic information to have an expert to answer your question about U.S. investment opportunities. The China Investor's professional directories make it simple to find more specialized industrial experts. You can browse through the profiles of professionals and contact the best expert for your situation.

Wait, there's more! The China Investor has additional portals of frequently-updated interactive content about the U.S real estate industry and Chinese oversea investment opportunities. We also provide thorough, up-to-date articles that cover all recent developments in Chinese investment in the United States.